Rajon Ahmed

Rajon Ahmed

Bangladeshi Entrepreneur

Bangladeshi Civil Engineer

Rajon Ahmed is a Bangladeshi Entrepreneur. Rajon Ahmed is a Bangladeshi Civil Engineer. Rajon Ahmed lives in Khulna Bangladesh.


Business Design

Combining tools, analytics, and research is a way to attract customers to your business. Proper implementation of such technologies can make a huge difference.

Psychic Marketing

Effective marketing is not a myth. With the help of technologies, we can turn a visitor into a recurring customer. Even without technologies, we can know what customers want to buy or get.

Business Management

With a proper combination of a good business model, effective marketing strategy, and great business management you can get the most profit out of your business.

2D Modeling

Having a 2D Model of your floor plan or your desired furniture design or your shop layout plan or anything you can possibly imagine, will help you finish the whole process more precisely.

3D Modeling

In this modern era, we all want to know everything from the future without going there. Because that gives us the opportunity to improve our present and make necessary changes to improve our future. In that case, a 3D Model of your house’s interior and exterior will help you with a more organized plan.

Web Development

Nowadays, having a website for a business or for a personal portfolio is crucial. I provide professional web development service including chat bot development.